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DSC_0186 resizedHi! I’m Rebecca Hunter. I eat. I lip-sync. And I write. For small businesses doing work with sincerity. Who want words that mean something. Who know that their words could mean everything to the right people.

Because words are never just words. They are much, much more. They’re connection. And that’s really what we’re all looking for.

By reflecting what your business stands for, I can connect you to your people with words that matter. After all, is there any point in communicating at all if we can’t make it count for something? Make it real? It hardly seems worth the effort.

Let’s make it worth the effort.

There’s way more to tell, but that’s what the rest of this website is for. Check here and here to find out how we can get together and make sweet, sweet music with words. Then witness my blink-and-you’ll-miss-it confession to once having actually written song lyrics here (note: my age hadn’t yet reached double figures and one of Eternal’s albums had got me all angst-ridden).

I also blog. If you like personal stories about the human experience (this here human, in particular), I’d love for you to lend me your peepers.

P.S. I love a good, old-fashioned email. Do get in touch.